Why Buy Compatible Toner Cartridges
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Compatible Cartridges
Compatible Toner Cartridge
Compatible Toner Cartridges
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Why Buy Compatible Toner Cartridges

Why Buy Compatible Toner Cartridges

There's hesitation among some printer owners to use compatible cartridges. In reality, there is not any need to worry about using compatible toner cartridges. These cartridges can give the same excellent print as the first brand cartridges at a fraction of the purchase price. Below we discuss some of the frequently asked questions concerning compatible cartridges and dispel some of the myths surrounding them.

Why Are Compatible Toner Cartridges Less Expensive?

Many believe that the compatible toner cartridges are more economical since they are created with cheap material and will not work as well as the original manufacturer cartridges. The Printer makers business model is to sell the printers cheap, then recoup the loss by selling the cartridges to get longer. They suppose if you already have the printer, you will purchase their cartridges. On the other hand, businesses that manufacture compatible cartridges can sell for cheaper since they're not trying to recoup the loss on the sale of this printer.

Is the calibre of the compatible cartridges like the first ones?

While we can't talk for all compatible cartridges available on the market, we promise that outside cartridges will do the job just in addition to the first brand cartridges if not better.

My printer doesn't accept compatible cartridges/ I've been told to use OEM cartridges.

We frequently hear people say that their printer doesn't accept compatible cartridges, so they have been advised they can only use their brand cartridges. This isn't in any way correct. The printer makers will inform you that you can use theirs only because they would like you to buy them from them, not since compatible cartridges don't work. Many printers manufacturers have lost lawsuits where they've attempted to make it impossible to utilize compatibles. The courts have determined it is only reasonable to allow users to use those cartridges they'd like in their printer.

I just did a firmware update, and the compatible cartridges aren't recognized.

It's always suggested to turn off some firmware updates if you are using compatible cartridges. While it's illegal for the original makers to prevent you from using compatible cartridges using their printers, they will often do upgrades into the printer firmware which is likely to make the compatibles give error messages. If this happens, you can try rolling the update, or if possible, you can replace the microchip on the cartridge using an upgraded chip.

Will compatible cartridges ruin my printer void my warranty.

A lot of people believe that compatible cartridges will ruin their printer either by locking up the printer or by massaging ink or draining toner inside the system. While there does exist a few shallow end compatible cartridges on the market, or refilled cartridges which could cause problems like clogging the printer, therefore they won't damage your printer in any way.