$195/Month Roland VersaCAMM VP-540 54" Inch Eco-Solvent, Wide format Plotter (Print and Cut) Printer Cutter

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Lease for Only $195/Month

Roland VersaCAMM VP-540 54" Inch Eco-Solvent, Wide format Plotter (Print and Cut) Printer Cutter

Unleash Your Printing Potential with the Roland VersaCAMM VP-540i Plotter

Unmatched Print and Cut Precision

Precision That Astounds

Are you tired of compromising on precision when it comes to your prints and cuts? Look no further than the Roland VersaCAMM VP-540i Plotter. Designed with cutting-edge technology and meticulous craftsmanship, this plotter delivers exceptional accuracy that will leave you in awe.

With its advanced print and cut functionality, the VP-540i ensures that every detail of your design is faithfully replicated. Say goodbye to misalignments and imperfect cuts. Whether you're creating stunning banners, decals, or vehicle graphics, this plotter guarantees professional-grade results that will captivate your audience.

Limitless Possibilities with 54" Wide Format

Wide Format Freedom

When it comes to creativity, size matters. The Roland VersaCAMM VP-540i empowers you with a vast canvas to unleash your imagination. Featuring an impressive 54" wide format, this plotter opens up a world of possibilities for your printing business.

No longer will you be constrained by size limitations. Now you can effortlessly create large-scale posters, striking signs, breathtaking wall decals, and more. Expand your horizons, reach a wider audience, and make a bold statement with the expansive capabilities of the VP-540i.

Exceptional Quality with Eco-Solvent Technology

Eco-Solvent Brilliance

In today's environmentally conscious world, it's essential to choose sustainable printing solutions. The Roland VersaCAMM VP-540i Plotter incorporates eco-solvent technology, ensuring top-notch quality while minimizing environmental impact.

Experience vibrant and long-lasting prints that stand the test of time. The eco-solvent ink used by the VP-540i delivers remarkable color reproduction, sharp details, and excellent durability. You can confidently showcase your designs, knowing that they will retain their brilliance for years to come.

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